VERMONT SCHOOL OF
                    SUPERNATURAL MINISTRY

Frequently Asked Questions VSSM 2018-2019 

Where do I send tuition?

When do classes begin?

What is the Application Process?

Enrollment for Vermont School of Supernatural Ministry begins March 20th, 2018.

Mail your Application to:      VSSM
Also, please mail your Application Processing Fee of $50.00 to (2nd & 3rd year students application is $25.00)

Upon receiving the above-mentioned correspondence we will review your application. If you meet the qualifications we deem necessary to be a VSSM student, we will contact you for an interview. 
Tuition can be paid by check, credit card and online. Please include the application fee, $50.00 for first year and $25.00 for second and third year.

Payable to: VSSM

We’re a married couple applying. Do we need to send two application fees?

No. We love married couples, and believe that if one can put a thousand to flight that two can put ten thousand. We encourage married couples to apply, and will only require the one application fee.

When do applications need to be in by?

Application process is closed until Spring of 2019.
Classes begin on September 11th for all students. At the United Church of Milton  for the  2018-2019 school year.

When is graduation?

Graduation is in May 2019.

Will there be a winter break?

Yes. We will have one week off for Thanksgiving and two weeks for Christmas.

What do Outreach Days look like?

In addition to our once a  week classes, students are expected to attend one outreach per month. They are designed to release students under the supervision of teachers into the streets and wherever there is a need.  Through various events and activities, we will give students real life training in areas of healing, evangelism, prophetic words and acts of kindness. 
What does the schedule and commitment look like?

Class will be one night a week from 6:00 to 9:30 PM on
TUESDAY evenings at United Church of Milton 

Our evening class will start with a  time of worship and then move into our DVD lesson along with a short discussion and Q&A. We will finish with small group time where we will break students up into smaller groups where they will discuss the core values that were taken from the DVD lesson.
School and Tuition Information

$950. for individual Students

$1650. for married couples

Application Fee:

$50 non-refundable processing fee
($25.00 for 2nd year and 3rd year students)

Make checks payable to:  VSSM

Refer a Friend:

When you refer a friend to VSSM and you both sign up, you and the friend will both receive a $25.00 discount off your tuition for 2018-2019 school year.

Ten or more students from one church:

 $50.00 discount off individual student tuition =$900.00

 $50.00 discount off couples =$1600.00

The maximum discount for any combination of discounts  is $75.00.

Payment Plans:

If a payment plan is needed, we have established a schedule of payments.

Due August 25,2018:             $250.00

Due October 15,  2018          $200.00

Due November 17, 2018:     $250.00

Due Jan 12, 2019:                   $250.00

We can discuss a monthly payment plan on an individual basis.
Vermont School of Supernatural Ministry meets on
Tuesday nights at United Church of Milton 

United Church of Milton
51 Main St.
Milton,  VT 05468

How do I contact VSSM?
There are three ways you can contact us with any questions or for financial planning.

The best way to contact us is email

Email us: